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A good friend of mine who is and a social networking expert got into contact with me the other day and told me I had to quit saying twittering and declare tweeting.
Well she has right. I was utilizing the wrong term. Nonetheless I was actually doing that on purpose.
Before I tell you why allow me to give you some background information. Right now Facebook offers 150 million consumers Linked In possesses 34 million in addition to Twitter has Several.4 million. I dont have the numbers with regard to MySpace the last My spouse and i heard it was however the biggest but a minimum of in terms of business employ a lot of people have migrated away from MySpace to help Facebook.
Now there are thousands of social networking sites out there but as expected a pecking order is starting to emerge. Cambogia and ssris That doesnt mean things will not likely change in a few months until then many business consumers are focusing on the big Three — Facebook Twitter and also Linked In.
Of people 3 Twitter has the least amount of end users right now although it can be growing very quickly. Yet the difference between 150 million and Some.4 million or maybe 34 million as well as 4.4 mil is substantial. As you have seen of all the people in the social networking dance the majority of them havent figured out the Twitter 2-step yet.
Today that in itself isnt a problem but of all the so-called social networking sites Twitter has got the most specialized terminology. So this all results in me using the wrong words because I would like to make it easier for people a novice to Twitter to grasp exactly what Im saying. In addition to I actually hate many of the Twitter vocabulary — facebook Peeps Have we descended to your level of chickens and they are now all hanging out in a giant hen house But I digress.
However following considering it Ive made the decision my friend is right and I need to start using the correct terminology. Therefore I made the choice to provide a short paint primer on what youll discover if you venture on Myspace.
First what is Facebook Officially Twitter is termed micro-blogging. I call it instant messaging on steroids. To put it succinctly you have 140 heroes including spaces to express what you want to say. Twitters prompt on what you should be expressing is What are you doing right now That can be a is still a practical thing to talk about in fact theres a reason why truth television is so common were all extremely thinking about other peoples lives thats not it you can do with Tweets. You can have conversations with people provide tips along with quotes promote other peoples productsservicesevents and promote your unique productsservicesevents.
Every time you form a comment its name is a Tweet. When youre communicating with people on Twitter its called Tweeting.
Possibly an RT or ReTweet it means someone is practicing someone elses Tweet. In addition to because people on Myspace want to give credit history where credit arrives the person theyre ReTweeting contains the sign with their Twitter name so for instance if theyre ReTweeting me personally youll see MichelePW
You also note that MichelePW when people are having the conversation with each other. And its not people nevertheless Peeps although this is a little difficult because when people tend to be following your tweets they are called Followers.
In order to have a private message with someone then you can definitely Direct Message all of them or DM them. Be aware Id still be slightly careful with your DMs mindful about have been times when that come with stops being individual and instead gets being publicly broadcast.
Lastly youll also detect a great deal of shorthand in all those Tweets for instance u pertaining to you and r for are because you have only 140 people.
Hopefully this for beginners can get you started on the right foot so you never embarrass yourself on the Twitter dance floor.
Michele PW Michele Pariza Wacek is your Ka-Ching advertising and marketing strategist and owns Inventive Concepts and Copywriting LLC a copywriting and marketing agency. She helps entrepreneurs are more successful at attracting more clients advertising more products and services as well as boosting their enterprise. To find out how she can help you take your online business to the next level visit your ex site at . Trademark 2009 Michele Pariza Wacek.
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